My mission with Mosa is to bring you that 'Wow'.

'MOSA' is the marrying of both my knowledge and experience of buying and sourcing unique pieces from all over the world, whilst also collaborating my vision and ideas with skillful craftsmen to create individual bespoke pieces. I have a passion for sourcing salvage and vintage pieces and giving them back life to fit in with our modern world.

"I don’t find sourcing or buying interiors complicated, I buy and create what I love, what appeals to my eye aesthetically, where they fit in will come naturally."

​Each piece is bought with the intention of making a statement, to make us LOOK and to capture attention, whether it is to showcase in a bar or restaurant, displaying merchandise in a retail outlet or for the pleasure to enjoy in your home.

The Mosa website is intended as a vehicle to showcase these designs, I am constantly sourcing and creating new products so the collection will constantly be evolving.

Stay inspired with Mosa...

Siobhan Burke