Vintage Multi Door Large Unit
April 12, 2018
Ornate Wisteria Door
April 12, 2018

The Vault Table​

This spectacularly unique table is certainly a statement piece. It holds a very personal place in my heart, as I discovered this vault top in a salvage yard 2 years ago with wild flowers growing through the broken prism glass. I couldn't get it out of me head and vowed to give it new life. This year I met a very talented welder. We designed a base that needed to be simple so as not to distract from the aesthetics of the top, yet strong enough to with hold the enormous weight of it. A good polishing and I think you will agree is a great look. For Display we have a light underneath shining the light up through the top of the table to brighten the room, the opposite to what is was designed, the light to shine from above to brighten the dark basement it was covering.

MEASUREMENTS: 140.5(l) x 99(w) x 52 (d)​cm

PRICE: €1450 (excl. VAT)

Code: VT17

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